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Our business is largely E-Decor. We have three package options for you to choose from depending on what you would like help with. Check out our tiers on the hire us page for details of each package. If you have something a little different in mind, send us an email and we will customize a plan for you.

We usually complete a project in a week once we have gone through the steps of getting to know  each other but I will let you know the timing of your specific project once we touch base. I like to establish a style you are drawn to through a few questions and also we would discuss your specific design goals for your room. It is also really helpful if you send me a link to your Pinterest board and any other pictures/visions you may have. 

We can work with any budget, small or large. Once that is decided, we will come up with a plan of what we think we will accomplish within your budget. I love to reuse items you have in your home and if you have diy skills let me know and I can come up with money saving projects too. We are here to help you reach that goal. 

Send over your information and we will send you our design quiz, to get to know you and start the process. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

ABOUT 2019

This year I will be focussing on renovating a short term rental property while helping other hosts get their spaces up and running. This year will be the launch of a whole new aspect of Au Petit Salon. I will be adding a creative service to help revamp your current vacation listing from everything from photography to design. 


Au petit salon is a boutique online interior decorating service. Who are WE? I am the owner of the company, Ginny, I started off my career interning at a high end fabric showroom in NYC. It got my creative juices flowing- working with the luxury fabrics and interacting with the designers all day. I moved to a residential interiors firm where I was a designer for four years. Originally from Canada, I found myself frequently working on friends houses long distance through email and thought "why not do this full time"! So that's how it all started. Now me and my husband Matt have launched a short term rental business and want to help you with yours. More on that this year!

We are easygoing and open to anything, so reach out and we'll be in touch shortly. 




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