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Patio Ready

Spring is here and my porch looks like a sea of grey and brown...I desperately need to add color this year. I always have plenty of zinnias to catch your eye but my porch decor definitely needs some love. So I have been on the hunt for colorful cushions and pretty prints...I think I have seen every outdoor fabric on the internet at this point. Let's go on a journey together as I searched Facebook marketplace, Etsy and every online store that sells patio stuff!

Most are clickable and will take you to the appropriate shop (affiliate linked).

I started my hunt on marketplace because I wanted to find pieces that were unique, (hopefully) vintage, durable and (obviously) pretty. A few times I saw a piece pop up and I would message someone to inquire and they would let me know the set had sold already or that someone was on the was competitive! Here are some of the sets that I looked at:

The Facebook Marketplace hunt was on!

But finally after lots of messaging and probably to much time spent on FBMP I found these beauties:

With the basics chosen, I was left with the fun part...adding color! I went through a lot of options:

So many patterns:

Finally I settled on two main fabrics I wanted to lead the space. They both have a grey background which is going to help me with the dirt factor: kids + outdoors= high risk of mess. I am having the fabric on the left made up for the sofa- I commissioned a lovely shop on Etsy to make them.

The fabric I Chose!

Next up I needed a wicker chair cushion and an umbrella so I decided to go with my favorite color pop- red! The umbrella is 15' long! I hope it stands up ok- I did buy a heavy duty stand too.

Some Red Pops

The last piece of the puzzle was the rug. I found my favorite early on in my search but I looked at hundreds more just because that's what I do...I have to make sure there is absolutely nothing better out there. Here are some of the top contenders:

Rug Options

But this was the winner from day one:

I can't wait until these pieces start rolling in! I'm ready for a summer of spicy margaritas! Here is the final moldboard!

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