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Sautéed Radish Sandwich

Avocado and sautéed radish sandwich detail

Brunch table with avocado, radish sandwich. Floral wallpaper and flower arrangement
Sautéed Radish Sandwich

The yummiest brunch sandwich and its vegetarian friendly too!

I always feel bad when I visit someone's home and they have made a special meat free meal just for me, I'm honestly as happy as a clam with bread and wine. But I know lots of people need a little more flavor to please their palate....and this is the meal for them.

The other day I walked into my local market and saw watermelon radish (which I’ve never seen before) and picked a few of them up to give them a go. I decided to sauté them and turn them into open faced avocado sandwiches...and I topped it all with truffle oil. It was the most flavorful, textural and delicious sandwich I’ve ever had. The radishes sautéed alone are perfection and would also be scrumptious in a salad.

I served it all with clementines, coffee and smoothies and my family devoured it. If you are having a big group over add some hash browns and hard boiled eggs. YUM!


4 watermelon radishes- washed and cut in to quarters

Butter or olive oil for sautéing 

Salt and pepper


Crusty bread of your choice

Truffle oil 


Melt butter in a pan (or oil if you want to make this recipe vegan) and sauté the radishes for 8 minutes until their color is more brilliant and the edges have browned slightly. Season them with salt and pepper.

Serve them on crusty sliced bread with avocado.

Drizzle truffle oil on top.

I hope you enjoy it!

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