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Cozy Glam Cabin | ORC | Week One

I am so excited to be joining the One Room Challenge again! And what a room I will be tackling this time kids room. In its current state is bland, dreary and uninspiring...the exact opposite of what childhood is all about. My goal is to turn this space into an imagination playground full of cozy nooks, color, and pattern.

My motto for this space is Cozy Glam Cabin. My inspiration is of course drawn from movies...this time I am going for a Harry Potter meets Home Alone vibe. I am adding red, green, pink and wood elements. There will be fun fabrics, delicious textures and lots of whimsy.

The Gryffindor House from Harry Potter on the left and the set of Home Alone on the right.

Oh did I mention it's a shared girl/boy space? Our home is a converted barn and we have two separate spaces- the main room with the living room/ dining room/ kitchen/ my bedroom/ loft/ office and then there is the kids room. It is a long L-Shape that down the road in their teenage years could easily be turned into two bedrooms but for now we're keeping as is. So there will be three zones- the crib area, the play area and the sleeping zone. For the One Room Challenge I will not be tackling the small part of the L where the crib and toys are kept- I'll save that for a future project once the crib moves out of the room.

Let's chat about the sleeping area...

The bed on the right will be next to a 3 door closet which the kids clothes will be stored in. I have a wild idea and my fingers are crossed that it is going to work- I am going to pad and upholster the doors with fabric so they add a cozy buffer to the kiddo on that side of the room. What do you think!?

On the headboard wall I have to find the perfect wallpaper for that cozy glam vibe. I am so excited to explore the options with you!

Bed frames with character needed...if you watch my ig stories you may have seen a sneak peek...hint: think log cabin.

I need to find the perfect bedding to keep my babies warm at night.

It goes without saying I need a rug for the space- not only to soften any tumbles but to visually soften the space.

Fun Tidbit- my husband grew up in our home and him and his brother shared this room throughout their childhood.

Now let's chat about the play zone...

Most importantly is the addition of color and FUN! A fabulous wallpaper is immediately needed to liven the room up.

This is where we will watch family movies so comfortable seating is a must.

A rug that fits the space better is on my list.

And really just adding whimsy to the space.

So please tune in next week to see what is first up on the to do list! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS SPACE. This room will be where we all want to be...move over kiddos momma and poppa are moving in! But seriously on hot summer nights we actually do sleep in here because it's the only room with air conditioning.

Be sure to check out the other amazing room transformations happening over on the official One Room Challenge page linked here.

Thank you to the amazing hosts One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens!

Alright, have a beautiful weekend my friends! xo Ginny

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1 Comment

I’m so excited to see the end result!!!! I think padding the closet doors is a really cool idea! And lucky kids sharing a room 💕

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