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A Merry Nostalgic Christmas Tree

Unwrapping memories with my Merry Nostalgic Christmas Tree!

Welcome to Casa Watkins Christmas tree blog hop! I am so excited to be participating for a third year! My friend Stephanie is so talented and I am so happy to be a part of her blog hop this year.

Whether it's morning, evening or 12 o'clock midnight (right when Santa is meant to slide down the chimney), my Merry Nostalgic Christmas tree is sure to evoke those childhood memories.

As the winter winds whisper through the pine trees, my home transforms into a haven of holiday magic. This year, I set out to decorate my Christmas tree with a touch of nostalgia, weaving together memories of childhood and a dash of vintage charm. Join me as I share the enchanting details of this festive journey, where every ornament tells a story.

Opting away from traditional tinsel (I almost tried it this year), I went for ribbons that cascade down the branches, creating a stunning effect without the mess. The ribbons, carefully chosen in hues that evoke the spirit of the season, lend an elegant touch to my tree. Hanging among them are vintage ornaments, each one a tiny time capsule, holding stories of Christmases long ago. I am still building my collection so I have modern ornaments tucked in there too.

A wood garland, reminiscent of the marshmallow string garlands from childhood, wraps around the tree, adding a rustic and cozy feel. Its earthy tones complement the ribbons and provide a timeless backdrop for the eclectic mix of ornaments that follow. I decorate my tree so early that I need a faux tree and the wood ornaments/ garland add that earthy feeling I love.

In a tribute to the holiday craft sessions of my childhood, I adorned the tree with potato-stamped presents shaped like Christmas trees. The simple yet sentimental touch brings back memories of giggles and creativity shared with my mom, turning my tree into a canvas of cherished moments. I think I even remember the magazine inspiration my mom and I saw the potato stamp in, I'll have to try and find the article, it was Martha Stewart Living from the 90's.

Glistening among the branches are vintage Shiny Brite ornaments, a collection curated over the years from estate sales. Each ornament reflects the artistry and craftsmanship of a bygone era, adding a touch of glamour and history to the tree. I have some from my grandmother that are really special to me too. They are what started my collection and hold so many happy memories for me.

Deer figurines pulling thrifted silver sleighs take center stage, painted in a whimsical pink metallic hue. I had to paint them a matte pink first because the metallic pink was too translucent on its own. These unexpected touches infuse a sense of playfulness and modern flair while nodding to the classic imagery of holiday festivities.

Underfoot, I layered carpets to create a snug play area for the kids. This not only adds a touch of comfort but also provides a designated space for festive games, activities, and the joyous chaos that comes with the holiday season. I am hoping Santa brings lots of board games this year since my kids are finally at the age where they want to play!

To encourage lounging and relaxation, I scattered pillows throughout our festive living room. From oversized floor cushions to plush throw pillows, every corner invites the kids to sink in and enjoy the warmth of the season in the coziest way possible.

Nestled by the warmth of the fire and the glow of the tree, our family can enjoy Christmas movies that bring joy and laughter to the season. It's a cozy retreat, perfect for creating new traditions with loved ones.

On the sofa, I draped nostalgic plaid throws, adding a timeless touch that resonates with the holiday spirit. These cozy blankets not only provide warmth but also contribute to the overall festive aesthetic of the space. I want the room to feel like a modern twist of your childhood grammas house, if that makes sense. Maybe I'll call it Cozy Kitschy Glam?

Above, my grapevine chandelier became an unexpected canvas for festive decorations. Adorned with ribbon and stringed ornaments, it transforms into a whimsical masterpiece, casting a magical glow over our festive gathering space.

In lieu of a traditional mantel, stockings are hung on terrariums flanking either side of the fireplace. This creative twist not only adds a unique touch but also provides a charming display for each family member's stocking, ready to be filled with holiday surprises.

To infuse the space with a burst of festive energy, I incorporated my favorite colors—green, pink, and red—throughout the decor. Whether in the ornaments on the tree, the throws on the sofa, or the accents scattered around, these vibrant hues add a playful and personalized touch to our nostalgic haven.

No nostalgic tree is complete without the warm embrace of colorful Christmas lights. The twinkling lights, reminiscent of merry celebrations from the past, cast a festive glow over the entire scene, inviting all to bask in the true spirit of a nostalgic Christmas.

When the sun sets, that's when the room really comes to life.

This tree reminds me of childhood Christmases.

I am so happy I get to help create these memories for my kiddos.

It is the best time of the year!

The tree sits in front of our hayloft window ( our home used to be a barn).

What do you think, are you ready to go back in time and make a nostalgic childhood tree?

Thank you for stopping by! I would love to hear about what you are putting on your tree this year!

Lots of love,


Let's keep the tree inspiration going, check out my talented friends trees!

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Nov 21, 2023

Another spectacular christmas reveal by Whimsical Ginny ❤️🍾🎄


Nov 20, 2023

where is the tree from? ty


Nov 18, 2023

It’s like a whimsical Time Machine sent me into a 1992 Christmas dream 🫠🫠 I want to live here!


Nov 18, 2023

The colors! 🎀🌲


I’m just overwhelmed!!!! It’s all so beautiful!!! The photos are just lovely and your descriptions are so inspiring!

Nov 17, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment ! It really means so much to me


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