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An Island for an Unfit Kitchen

My kitchen isn't a traditional kitchen, it is more of an unfit kitchen - which basically means most of the pieces are not built in. I have a built-in sink cabinet area and the rest is all movable pieces.

When I moved my 10' dining table upstairs and brought down a smaller 42" round one to the kitchen, the room felt so spacious and flowed so much better. In the newly reclaimed space, there is a generous open area that will be perfect for an island - something I have always wanted.

There are a few key things I want in my future island and I'll walk you through each but before we go down the functionality wish list I will share the two worktop counters we have added since moving in. The first is the marble counter beside the fridge that used to be a closet. Most of the pieces in this nook are pre-loved like the pietra dura countertop that used to be a table and the base cabinet that used to be a credenza.

The second area is under the stairs where we floated another credenza on top of two shoe cubbies that we use as log holders now. On top is where we keep some kitchen appliances and cook books.

The extra counter space is always welcome but especially was needed in my kitchen because we had about 40" of traditional countertops to start with - not enough for me since I love cooking and like to make lots of countertop messes! When we first moved in one of the first things I did was refinish the counters and just this summer I did it for a second time, I love how they turned out!

Okay, ready to pick out a kitchen island with me? Here is my wishlist:

-wheels or able to be easily moved around

-round shape

-a piece with character

-white marble top

-counter height

-not too deep

First up is a console table that has marble shelves and is a really nice depth. It can be pushed up against the wall (where my dog bed currently is) or out in the middle of the room for family baking etc. I love the way it looks, it is so sleek and thin. All the white marble looks so good against the colorful rug. The major problem with this one is it will be heavy because of all that marble and it doesn't have feet that I can add wheels to. So basically I'll need to empty it whenever I want to move it or ask for help moving it - neither of which is ideal.

The second is hands down my favorite visually! It is so pretty with the intricate mixed metal curvy legs and it has an antique marble top. It goes perfectly in my kitchen, I just love it! The major problem is size, it is too wide and too low. It isn't counter height so it would be the same height as the dining table and I think it would just be too weird.

This option is actually a standing desk! It has a crank that can raise or lower the height of the worktop which I love for including my kids in baking but most of the time it would be up at my prefered cooking height. The wood is the same tone as my kitchen counters and dining table - but I would get a white marble baking board for it anyway. To be honest I don't have any major dislikes with this option, I love it. I just love the character of the antique cart so much.

Next up is round! I had the hardest time finding a round table that was counter height - I know it is a weird ask. Most are table height or bar height, slightly too high for my cooking needs. I just love the idea of a round island, it would be perfect in my kitchen. I love the gold on the legs and also would be able to add wheels to it if I wanted. The major issue with this one is the top - it is painted gold and definitely not cooking friendly. I would need to find or cut a round marble pieces.

These were the top four contenders and I searched a lot! I saw hundreds of options and weighed all the options! Are you ready to see which one I chose? Drum roll please...

It is the rolling worktop! I love how it looks and it is going to fit perfectly space wise in my kitchen. It doesn't require me adding legs or modifying the top. But the best part of all is a feature I never even considered being an option....the adjustable height! I love that I'll be able to lower it so my kids can use it with me!

Stay tuned for the reveal, I can't wait to see it in person! Which would you have chosen?

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1 Comment

I would have chosen the same. The last gold table was nice too but finding marble isn't ideal. -

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