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Bathroom Revamp Plan


For years I've been a spectator in awe of the amazing designs that have come to fruition through the One Room Challenge and I am so thrilled to be jumping in this fall. I will be revamping my bathroom, taking it from a very neutral (and currently lovely) space to a deep, dark, luxurious, romantic, retreat and of course my signature touch of whimsy will be there too.

For those of you who haven't heard of ORC yet, be prepared, I will be talking about it nonstop for the next month (or years depending on the level of self inflicted emotional trauma I cause myself). I am keeping this design relatively simple since it's my first time but it's going to have a big impact.

I have a plan. Who knows how many times the plan will morph in the coming weeks. For example, I want to gold leaf the pictured laminate cabinets- some might say that is impossible. But I'm still going to try. Don't worry,I have a back up plan but I'm not going to share that unless it's necessary.

Below is my current mood on my Mood Board:

mood board for One Room Challenge
The Mood Board

My plan has evolved a billion times already but I knew without a doubt that I would be using Farrow and Ball's Brinjal. I have been obsessed with this color for years and haven't found the right spot to use it, until now muahahaha (not sure why the evil exclamation is needed here but it is). The next decision I made pretty fast was the glass film that I will be using on my shower door. We have hard water and the shower glass is always foggy so I'm going to cover that right up, plus it will give the showeree privacy (since our three year old knows no boundaries). I love the colors and whimsy it will add to the space. I have chosen a rejuvenation faucet to replace my current leaky gal, I love it's design and that it is lead free.

The final thing that I have completely fallen in love with and must include in the design, is the lovely June and Blue runner. The colors are incredible and tie in everything so beautifully.

Now on to my renderings. I have four ideas that I would like your help deciding in between. We have to decide on fabric and cabinet finish. Here are the options:

Option 1: Gold leaf Cabinet with Green Fabric

Option 2: Silver leaf with Burgundy Fabric

Option 3:Rose Gold Leaf with Green Fabric

Option 4: Gold Leaf with Burgundy Fabric

I love all of these options for different reasons, I'd love to hear your feedback, but do it fast because I had to decide on these choices YESTERDAY!

Thank you for stopping by, here is a link to find the other amazing guest participants this year along with the featured participants.

PS: Below is a snap of the bathroom right this's a plant quarantine center (for my babies that were outdoors all summer and need to acclimate to the indoors).

Other things of note:

-diaper station needs to go, my son hasn't used one in 6 months (I'm a big procrastinator, I know)

-"curtains" (used in the vaguest of ways) will be switched for a roman shade

-need a storage solution under the sink

-maybe gold leafing the white glass of the light fixtures too

-instal an actual towel rack (see the over the door rack we have on our shower)

-come up with a toilet paper roll location that isn't so awkward to reach

I can't wait to see what everyone else has planned!

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Wow! I'm really liking option 2 and 4. I think that deep burgundy fabric is so so beautiful. I can already picture it with candles burning in there and just feeling really warm and cozy. Please do more of these challenges they are so fun!


I am loooooving that deep berry color! I’m so excited to see it in here!

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