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Bathroom Revamp Week Two for ORC

This is going to be a brief post since we are doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes stuff at the moment. Major items ticked off the list: replaced the corroded plumbing, hurray! Our facet had so many pinhole leaks it was like having a shower in the sink, pretty funny actually. Here is a little video of the before...

I know you are disappointed I didn't turn it on for you.

We replaced the faucet with the Speakman $230 piece from Rejuvenation and a Kohler trap under the sink. These will hold up much better than the last ones that were not high quality.

Speakman faucet from rejuvenation
Speakman faucet in place

Kohler sink trap
Kohler sink trap

I chose the Speakman faucet because it is lead free, which rests my mothers brain knowing my son will be drinking out of this faucet for years to come. It also ties in with the existing shower finish nicely, since we aren't changing that. The trap I had already bought for my kitchen sink replacement a few years ago but we ended up not using it, so I'm calling it free for this project, that counts right?

Finally lets just look at the pretty mood board one more time, it makes me so happy knowing that this is where we are headed!

Mood board for one room challenge fall 2019
Mood Board

Now lets go visit our lovely featured designers and guest participants, I am so excited about all of the projects I am seeing.

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!

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