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Cozy Glam Cabin | ORC | Week Three

Big moves were made this week- every big design choice has been decided/ ordered and in some cases arrived!

I am so ready to roll up my sleeves and get messy I here! I have been having major DIY fomo seeing everyone hammering and demoing their spaces BUT I am not freaking out about time...I am just doing my space my way ( I always get things done but I tend to over plan). I spend a lot of time on the design and drafting. A lot. I need that visualization and foresight before I can order paint/ fabric/ everything. For example around the closet door the trim was looking a little flat with the fabric so I wasn't sure if I was going to have to reorder a different color way but then I realized that a little splash of burgundy paint around the outside trim edge completely ties the fabric in with the rest of the room. Here is a before and after rendering to show you what I mean:

Before red trim:

After adding red trim on closet door:

Its subtle but it really was what I needed visually to go ahead with the fabric choice.

So all is to say I am finally ready to get my hands dirty- so without further ado..

my first moodboard is ready!

I really want this room to feel like a big hug and give my kids the freedom to be creative and playful. The first thing I had to find was the perfect wallpaper. I looked at hundreds of papers searching for the one...and I found it! It actually didn't take that long- I stopped off at Milton and King's page (who I ended up partnering with) right away because I've always loved their designs. I had three papers that I loved but there was something about the whimsical pineapples that kept me coming back and looking.

Then I showed the Pineapple Harvest paper to my family and they fell in love...I never show them anything until I'm absolutely sure it's my top choice because the last thing I'd want is for them to get attached to something that didn't end up being part of the final design...because like I said- I looked at hundreds of papers.

So all is to say, I am so excited to have a Milton and King (who are sponsoring me with their beautiful paper) be part of my kids Cozy Glam Cabin room. The Pineapple Harvest wallpaper design has everything I was looking for in it.

Here was my checklist for wallpaper:

-whimsical is always a must

-summery and wintery at the same time so I could play with it in every season

-bold- my husband and I both had bedrooms with flair growing up

-obviously had to fit with my theme of the room Cozy Glam Cabin

--family (especially my son) had to love it

And the Pineapple Harvest checked all those boxes!

Reminder of what the room looks like now:

This coming week is huge! I am finally getting started on things...first up is paint so stay tuned to my instagram stories for fun updates. I will be painting trim, walls, ceiling and a few other little things like knobs.

Don't forget to head to the other One Room Challenge participants pages to see their updates this week! Also lots of fun spring things happening over at the cohost of the event Better Homes and Gardens!

I hope your week is magical!


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