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Cozy Glam Cabin | ORC | Week Four

My beautiful Revival rug arrived this week and you know what that means - paint colors were able to be chosen! I laid out all the elements in the room and decided what colors were needed. Paint colors are always the last thing I choose when designing a space because there are so many, you can always find the right color.

I knew I wanted a blue ceiling to represent the night sky (that's the cabin element to the room) and green walls to bring out the Pineapple Harvest wallpaper. I went through a bunch of color swatches and ultimately landed on two Farrow and Ball Colors: De Nimes and Breakfast Room Green. Both the wallpaper and rug had those colors in them.

Let's take a closer look at both:

There are so many beautiful colors in the rug, I could have gone in 20 different directions for the paint colors. I love my Revival rug- it's pure vintage goodness! I am so happy I was able to partner with them on this project. For now I set the rug up in my hayloft area so I can enjoy it myself for a little bit until it eventually lands in its spot in the Cozy Glam Cabin.

If you caught last week's blog post you will have already seen the stunning Milton and King Wallpaper. I love how the Farrow and Ball colors look with the paper- it's going to be such a moody beautiful space. I showed the plan to my mom and she commented that it has an English Castle feel..which is basically another way of saying Cozy Glam Cabin and I love it.

After and before- ceiling paint on!

What happened this week:

I ended up getting their room cleared out including setting aside a huge pile for donation.

Bought the paint.

Painted the ceiling.

Loaded my shopping carts for Memorial Day sales! I have so many little finishing touches that I want to get and I hope they all go on sale!

Now run and check out what the other One Room Challenge participants are up to this week! Thank you to the hosts, ORC and Better Homes and Gardens!

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you have a magical week!

Ginny XO

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