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Cozy Glam Cabin | ORC | Week Six

The room is coming together! I am so relieved to see all the pieces next to each other because there is always that moment when you doubt yourself and think, "is this going to work"? Well I am happy to report that it really looks awesome. Like better than I envisioned, I'm so thrilled! So this week I am going to do two parts to the blog post: closet update and shopping round up.

The Before

Closet Doors Upholstery

Since a bed will be right next to the closet doors I really brainstormed what to do with them. Should I wallpaper them, paint the same as the wall, take them out and add curtains...all things I thought about but then it hit me...upholster them!

I decided to pad them and add fabric to make them soft and cozy to sleep up against. They have always banged together because they don't sit on a bottom track (I think it has something to do with the stone floors) but this made them a lot easier to upholster since I could tuck the fabric right under.

I ordered this gorgeous discontinued Robert Allen fabric off of ebay and I had just enough yardage, it was fate! I was even able to pattern match the doors.

The fabric is a stunning pink with greens and teal which I love but it was too vibrant for the room-the colors in here are more muted and subtly rich. So I decided to FLIP THE FABRIC and use the reverse side which has a lot more white and soft pink notes.

I have always wanted to use the back side of fabrics but never had the right setting for it. I love how there are linear designs that mimic the wallpaper.

It was a fairly flawless install, it just took 12 hours and on a 95º day so I was drenched and exhausted at the end of it. But it was so worth it! They are so soft and comfy to lean up against, I love them!

BTW definitely get an electric staple gun because they are incredible and will save your hands. It was my first time upholstering with one and I'm not even the tiniest bit sore. Also clamps are going to be your best friend. I used them to hold up the batting and then the fabric before putting any staples in. This way I was able to line up the fabric perfectly.

The other part of this revamp was adding a cozy nook for my son's play kitchen. I ended up using some wallpaper scraps to the back wall and to the cabinet doors-I love how it looks! My son did the happiest dance when he saw it. All in all this was a total success and has given me the drive to get the room finished.

Next up I would like to show you a bunch of the pieces I have been hoarding for the room. I bought these things over the last few months and am so excited it's almost time to put them in the space!

The pieces I have collected so far:

The sofa! I got this months ago and it's been living in my living room ever since creating a cluttered nightmare-ok I am being dramatic but seriously it has been getting under my skin. But I LOVE the fringe at the bottom and think the soft yellow will pop against the pineapple wallpaper.

The tapestry ottoman of my dreams! It gives me major Harry Potter Griffindor vibes. It is also huge so it's the perfect play surface for the kids.

I've been crushing on this rug since last fall when my favorite lifestyle Instagramer Noelle Downing got it for her living room. I love that it feels like a knit sweater! It is so soft, we've all been laying on it ever since. I got mine on marketplace but I will af link it here if you want to check it out: braided rug. I ended up getting mine for $200 on fbmp. I read reviews of it before and lots of people warn that it sheds, so be warned of that. For me I am ok with a little shedding because I love the feel, look and natural wool.

The fabric! This is from etsy because mine from eBay was deleted. But it is so pretty! It is a discontinued Robert Allen fabric.I ended up using the reverse side since it meshed better with my wallpaper.

I got the bedding on super sale on Memorial Day! Two duvets and two sheet sets for under $75.

Finally I got this little table for my son to draw at. He LOVES drawing so much there needed to be a dedicated spot for him to get creative.

That's it for week six of my One Room Challenge update! Thank you to ORC and Better Homes and Gardens for hosting the amazing event and be sure to go check out the other participants!

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