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Cozy Glam Cabin | ORC | Week Two

This week has been about narrowing down the vibe of the Cozy Glam Cabin (in layman's terms- my kids room).

I have decided on the main color scheme- red and green with hints of yellow, pink and basically every color BUT red and green will be the main stars. I want to make the room summery and wintery at the same time. I am very much into celebrating the seasons and want the room to shine all year long. In the summer I will add more pink pops and in the winter I'll go hard on the red/green.

When I design a room I almost always draft it up. I love playing with textures and patterns and I rely on renderings to make sure the scale of everything is harmonious. I can't wait to choose my wallpaper from Milton and King (one of my fantastic sponsors for the ORC)- I am just waiting on some samples but I have four that I think will be amazing in here. How cozy is this space looking already!

Once I choose the wallpaper I have to choose a coordinating fabric to upholster the closet doors. I can't tell you how excited I am for this part of the room. My inspiration is from an old family friend who has his guest room walls all upholstered and it looks incredible! Here is a picture of his stunning room:

Things to do this week:

-decide on wallpaper from my fabulous sponsor Milton and King (the wallpaper in my 3D rendering is one of theirs and I am in love but not 100% sure yet if it is the ultimate winner for the space- it's called Bohemian Wrap).

-choose a coordinating rug from the vast library of vintage rugs from my sponsor Revival Rugs (pictured in my rendering is one of their stunning pieces- I am SO exited about having one of their rugs in my home!).

-order batting for my closet door upholstery project.

-order fabric for my closet doors.

-keep searching for a sofa on FBMP- I know the perfect beauty is out there waiting to pop into my life!

Okay, on to what I have so far! Let's chat about my Facebook Marketplace finds!

I have picked up some second hand items from Facebook marketplace. I love finding pieces on there because you often find unique things that you weren't even thinking about. For example I found the perfect bedside table that is red with little shapes inlaid.

Pro Facebook Marketplace Tip:

When I saw the bedside table of my dreams it was already "pending"- I quickly messaged the seller and offered 10% over asking and told her I could pick it up at her earliest convenience. And it worked! It may seem ruthless but when you see a hot deal, you need to jump on it, especially in this competitive FBMP market.

Next item I found were the cabin beds of my dreams! They are log beds with beautiful natural character that will really make this space cozy. So this listing had been live for a few months...why wasn't it selling? Because of blurry bad photos. There were two photos: an extreme close up with artificial lighting and an extreme blurry wide shot that you couldn't see any detail. So I used this to my benefit and offered half of the asking price and it worked.


If a listing has been active for longer than a week then you can offer less than asking and barter!

If you were following me on my instagram page last weekend you'll have seen that for Mother's Day I asked my family to come on a road trip with me to New Jersey to pick up roman shades and then to Connecticut to pick up curtain fabric. I had a poll going to guess which piece I was on my way to get, this was the final division:

Did you guess correctly? Here is what I snagged!

I love these Osborn and Little custom drapes! the reverse has a red plaid and they are so well made. Definitely give me Harry Potter vibes mixed with a little Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe! Four panels for $25- I couldn't refuse.

I ended up with the red stripe roman shades- I want them to just blend in since I will be going bold with the wallpaper!

Check out the updates from all the other spectacular participants on the official One Room Challenge page! Thank you for hosting One Room Challenge and Better Homes and Gardens!

Alright, that's it for this week! See you on my IG stories for more updates as they happen @aupetitsalondesign!!

xox Ginny

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Love the combination of color and print, this room is going to feel so rich!


Wow!!!! I literally can’t wait! The wallpaper is going to be amazing! And that fabric!!!!

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