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Enchanting Baby Proof Christmas Tree

Just because my daughter is one and a magnet to anything shiny doesn't mean we can't have a whimsical Christmas tree!

Welcome to the My Home Style Tree blog hop hosted by Casa Watkins Living - the amazing Stephanie! Hello to everyone who has popped by from Liz Morrow Studio's fabulous disco ball tree!

Let's start with the tree itself. I found this faux tree last January on Facebook marketplace after I had replaced my live tree 4 times for a Christmas photoshoot (for Better Homes and Gardens...pinch me...PS I think the issue should be out any day now!). It is incredibly sturdy and the biggest bonus is that the needles don't fall off for my daughter to put in her mouth - she puts anything and everything in her mouth. It is 9' high and the branches have a majestic downwards swoop to them that makes me feel like it might come alive. In the future I think we will return to getting live trees but we have to wait until my daughter is a little older first.

Next up on my Enchanting Baby Proof Tree is the lights! Last year I ordered these retro pink colorful LED string lights and I will never go back to incandescent - which is a huge statement from me because I love the warmth of nostalgic warm lights. The main reason besides the aesthetic beauty of them is that the do not get hot! The peace of mind this little detail brings to this momma's mind is unbeatable. I love these lights!

As far as decorations go I had one major glass allowed! That is so hard for me because I have so many vintage ornaments from my grandmother that mean so much. I decided to choose a selection of my favorite glass ornaments and adorn a countertop tree with them so at least I could see them while baking Christmas cookies and know they are safe far away from curious baby.

In the end (because I am such a Christmas collector) I had more than enough non breakable decorations to trim the tree with. My favorite has to be the vintage velvet fruit I found at my favorite thrift store a few years ago. It is especially fitting on this tree because this year I have placed the tree right in the middle of the room, dividing the kitchen/ dining area with the living room.

On the kitchen side of the tree I have lots of fruit and veggies to keep with a kitchen theme. I have crocheted mushroom garland and wooden veggies - and of course the velvet fruit.

This year my mom who I haven't seen in two year will be joining us for Christmas and I am so excited to see her! So I will be setting the table for five and making it as special as possible. I include curiosities and unconventional items on my tablescapes, I love mixing and matching.

On the living room side of the tree I made a Christmas village baby gate to keep my little one from grabbling at the tree. I used a wooden pet gate and stapled fabric to it which was pretty enough on its own. After it was set up I added twinkly lights for extra magic and I love how it turned out.

I love that my kids can play (stress free on my part) all around this tree. My daughter loves looking at the twinkling lights behind the village tree collar I made.

Thank you for coming by! Now let's all pop over to Taryn Whiteaker Designs and see her tree! Also if you haven't seen everyone's tree this year here is the list of the full blog hop - so many inspiring trees to see!






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