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Getting Cozy for Fall

Winter bedding, Hudson Bay blanket, gallery wall on angled wall, twinkly lights under bed
Lights under my bed for extra cozy factor

Arial view of living area with pink, red, yellow decor. Maximalist cozy space
Warm lush colors everywhere

Why do I love fall so much? It has a lot to do with food.

When I was little the excitement of school starting has always been huge, but the delicious soups and stews for supper was always where it was at.

Fall clothes are so pretty, but mostly because they hide the extra wine and cheese I like to enjoy. 

Apple and pumpkin picking is truly magical...especially because I get to make yummy pies out of them.

This week I want to share all my favorite fall recipes, movies, activities and easy things to do in your home to get fall ready.

Plants dangling from ledge in living room, log pile ready, mermaid coffee table
Throw blankets everywhere for chilly nights

Whimsical gallery wall, mermaid tables, pink and red decor
Warmer tones in my gallery wall

Quick and Inexpensive Home Decor:

-Twinkly lights (we all have these around by now, so cozy)

-Gourds (I love the tiny ones, can you spot two in the pic on the right?)

-Dried leaves (I have a few branches over my mantle that are getting nice and crispy)

-Painted twigs ( I plan on painting some white soon, I'll hang ornaments off of them)

-Candles ( nothing makes a room more instantly cozy than fire)

-Throw blankets (because baby it's getting cold out there)

-Warm/ deep colors (this is by far my favorite tip, so easy to switch up your soft summer pinks with deep red through pillow covers and throws)

Lanterns in the kitchen, fall foliage out of kitchen window, white sink, black faucet
Kitchen getting Fall-ified with lighting

Fall Food (to me):

-First of all, just because it is Fall doesn't mean you should stop enjoying outdoor meals. In fact it is my favorite time to dine al fresco...there are no pesky critters!


I like all things soupy, pumpkiny, and noodley, combine all three and you have my heart. I have had this recipe by Molly from Yes to Yolks bookmarked for years, it's brilliant! Here is a link for a delicious Pumpkin Ramen Soup, perfect for sitting around with slippers on and the candles burning. 

This next soup is my go to, I make it once a week in the fall/winter. It is versatile and a crowd pleaser. Some nights I add tortellini and other nights pesto with crostini. It is a Tuscan White Bean Soup from the talented J. Kenji Lopez-Alt and is satisfying on its own but I love to add the carby extras. 

I use the same vegetable stock in all my soups- my mom introduced it to me and it makes the soup so deep and rich. I usually triple the broth recipe to freeze for easy fast meals. A huge thank you to the creator Curtis Aikins for the healthy and rich veggie stock.

monstera and ivy filled loft with bright window
TV hidden behind painting on canvas

Apple picking at Harvest Moon Farm in NY

Fall activities:

-Obviously apple picking has to me on my list. We ended up going to Harvest Moon in South Salem NY last week. It was so festive, they had: food trucks, bouncy castles and hard cider to enjoy as you picked apples.

-Movie nights are another favorite of mine, all year long really but especially in fall. Here are some of my go to flicks:

Dan in Real Life- romantic movie with fall vibes in the North East

Any Given Sunday- for the football vibes

Harry Potter- back to school/ sweaters/ magic

You've Got Mail- NYC in the fall, so fun!

Practical Magic- Cozy home decor with romantic drama

-Hiking is also an all year long favorite of mine but the fall colors this time of year are incredible around here and make the trip that much more special.

I hope everyone has a great fall, it is such a magical time of year!

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