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Guest Amenities for Airbnb

Stylish Airbnb with mountain mural and pink table base. Modern pendant light
Cold Spring NY Airbnb

Buffalo check bedding with lamp lit bedside table/ writing desk
The Bedroom

Amenities at an Airbnb are key. They are what make you memorable and stand out from the rest. That is of course after cleanliness and bed- those two areas are the most important thing you need to nail. The house has to be spotless and the bed needs to be as comfortable as possible. 

Which brings me to our first amenity, our Casper mattress. We splurged and got the most comfortable mattress we could find, that aimed at satisfying the most people as possible, it's truly like sleeping on a cloud.

The bedroom in general is so important. Warm bedside lamps, a sound machine, accessible outlets to charge phones, soft rugs for stepping out of bed, books to read, two pillows per person and we also put a little tv in there for romantic weekends where you don't want to leave the bed.

Bookshelf with small tv

Sound machine, lamp, and a drawing book on the writing desk

Flowers on the nightstand

Shampoo and conditioner

Our bathroom has the basics like shampoo, conditioner, two towels per person, face cloth, soap, Kleenex, and extra rolls of toilet paper. But we also have little extras that I think make our place a little more comfortable, like a bath bomb, bath side table, extra toothbrush/toothpaste, tampons/sanitary napkins, and a nightlight. 

Two towels per guest

Kitchen sink

The kitchen is hooked up with all you cooking needs like pots and pans, coffee maker, toaster, etc. but the little extras make it really inviting. We have a blender for pre hike smoothies, an ice bucket for bringing champagne out on to the porch, and a few cookbooks in case you're feeling creative.

Amenity basket with tea, coffee and other treats

But my favorite amenity is the mini bar in the bottom drawer that has 3 meal options to choose from in case you arrive late and the stores are all closed. Right now you can have pancakes with peaches and maple syrup, pasta with tomato clam sauce, or a Mediterranean grain bowl. The gusts that have enjoyed this have been so vocal about how much it was appreciated, no one wants to be hungry when they are on vacation. We also have an amenity basket that has coffee, tea, oatmeal and chocolates out for the guests to enjoy.

Kitchen with door to the balcony

Modern lighting with sofa bed in living room
Livingroom with sofa bed pulled out

Sofa bed pulled out

In the living room we have books on the coffee table with local information, a radio with aux hook up so you can listen to your own music, dvds, and board games. We also have a pull out sofa bed if needed. 

Board games, dvds and books

Living room with our dog cover on sofa

Finally we have our furry friends amities. We love hosting dogs and really want to make them feel at home too. We provide a dog bed, water/food bowls, paw towel, and we leave out treats. Guests that have stayed with dogs love these extra touches, it really makes them feel welcomed. 

Water and food bowl

Dog bed and paw towel

For me the importance of all of these thing really comes down to us showing our appreciation for the guests, and they feel that and in turn treat the house with love back. The final touch that I am completely devoted to is leaving a hand written welcome note, addressed to the guest by name. I truly feel, that if you can only do one thing, it is this. It starts the visit off with warmth and welcomes them since we aren't physically there. I hope this has been helpful and I'd love to hear what amenities you like to see/offer to your guests.

If you want to stay at our Cold Spring apartment click here!

Hand written note with our welcome book

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