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Hitting the Gas BUT Pumping the Breaks

This is my first week getting my hands dirty. I bought my paint and was about to slop it on the wall and something just didn't feel quite right. I wanted to do more! Yes I know its time to buckle down and really get the design finished BUT I want to adore the space at the end of all this and that extra pizazz was missing. So I have decided to add a textured mural on the large wall. Here is a pic of the start but I have a lot of hours to clock before this baby is ready.

I am using drywall putty to make a textured animal scene with all the cute woodland creatures that live right outside my house. There will be deer, a bear, fox and maybe a few coyotes too.

I have a few artists that have inspired me greatly for this mural but this is highly influenced by the talented artist Christopher Griffin. He makes large outdoor murals out of concrete and you see them all over my hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. My parents have several of his paintings and so I have grown up with them- thus obsessed with his style. Here is a picture from his website:

So if my wall looks a tenth as cool as that, I will be very happy.

The tools I am using are:

Drywall putty

Paper towel

Putty knife with multiple edges


Safety mask for scent and dust

And most important of all, coffee

So thats all for now, folks. I am listening to a billion podcasts while creating my dream mural, thank you for stopping by! Be sure to check out the featured designers and other guest participants!

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