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Holiday Tablescapes

Hanging florals, floral wallpaper, bright candles on a barn wood table
Fun Table Setting

As this is my first post ever I decided to just keep it simple and talk about something I love, tablescapes. My first job was a banquet server at the National Arts Center in Ottawa. I worked there for ten years and saw hundreds if not thousands of table settings from florals to live animals (gold fish-which was actually horrible because the organizers left a bunch behind and me and my fellow servers had to adopt them, Alicia the fish lived for 4 years!). It was so much fun arriving at work and seeing how the room had been dressed up that day. So much inspiration.

When I create tablescapes at home I always try to add an element of whimsy. Whether it is paper snowflakes in bright colors or animal figurines scattered about they always are a conversation starter.

String lights, candles, animal figurines on the dining table
string lights on the dinner table?

Some sort of light feature is always necessary imo. Candles are my go to but if you have a gathering with kids around or are just not a candle person, string lights add lovely ambiance. The LED candles have really come a long way too.

As far as tableware goes, I never feel the need to match it in fact I try to incorporate a few different colors or patterns at least. Another great way to mix it up is with napkins. I have a few sets that mix nicely with each other. Glassware is fun way to add character to a table too, my dream is to collect a rainbow assortment of wine glasses. It will happen, oh yes it will.

floral wallpaper, red vintage cups, table setting with a whimsical style
whimsical table setting

Finally, I love to incorporate greenery. Whether it is branches, flowers, herbs or a ten foot hanging floral arraignment they all add life to the event. I sometimes just throw on whole pieces of fruit/veggies to add color pops too. Bonus because they are always hanging around the house to so no shopping necessary.

Christmas tree, gallery wall and dining table set up for holiday lunch
Christmas table setting

Holiday table setting with mini pumpkins

Last but not least if you made it this far thank you for reading. A year ago I wouldn't have dreamt about writing a blog but my mini captions on Instagram have gotten me much more confident with my written voice and I am going to embrace this platform and give it a whirl! Very exciting times. Looking forward to my blog adventure! Thank you for reading!!

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Gorgeous! Such great inspo 😍

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