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It's Alive-Double entendre for ORC and Halloween joining forces!

The room is finally taking shape, I really feel it coming alive which is extremely fitting since it is October 31st and all the goblins and witches are coming out of the woodwork. So many details have been started- started being the key word. The way I work is very scattered. I am a worrier and need to test out all techniques before finishing any of them. So right now all aspects of the design have begun but non have been completed. I have broken this weeks post up in to sections with different accomplishments in each and what is left to do ( in the very short one week left of the One Room Challenge).

romand shade and metal foil cabinet under construction
Where the room is at right this minute

Textured mural:

The first thing I started this week was the textured mural on the large wall. Refer to last weeks post to see my tools and inspiration. I am loving how its turning out. I have finished putting the putty on the wall but still need to sand all the points and then paint the whole wall Brinjal by Farrow and Ball.

Textured mural on drywall using drywall putty
Textured mural

This is where we were last week, hide your eyes


Next up was painting (part of) the walls. I still have a lot more painting to do but I am loving the color so much. Its so deep and delicious, I want to eat it. I will be painting the trim and ceiling the same color, I want to be engulfed by the warmth.

progress shot of painting bathroom
Brinjal by Farrow and Ball going up on the walls, ceiling and trim

Roman Shade:

One thing that is basically ready to go is the gorgeous roman shade made from beautiful Spoonflower Fabric, they so generously sponsored me with. My local upholsterer did an amazing job with this piece, it is wide space and the repeat was lined up seamlessly (get it?). I had four fabrics from Spoonflower that I loved, refer back to week three to see the options. I was initially drawn to the same fabric but in a different colorway but I wanted to tie in the existing countertops with the grey in the chosen fabric. While the more colorful version was really fun and eye-catching, sometimes you have to do whats best for the overall space...which is hard for me because I love color everywhere. But that being said, the fabric I chose has gorgeous plum, crimson and pink so its right up my alley! I love how it creates purple and grey horizontal lines that is continued down with the countertop and will tie in eventually with the toe kick under the cabinets. It also matches the paint color perfectly which is something that was important to me. All I have left to do now is paint the cord of the shade the wall color so that it blends in nicely.

Spoonflower fabric with farrow and ball brinjal
Spoonflower fabric for the roman shade next to wall color

Roman shade is up!

Metal foil leaf on the cabinets:

The last thing I accomplished this week was the cabinet refresh. They were due for a makeover, they had lots of chips but still function perfectly. I decided to gold leaf them at first but when I saw this foil with green, red and copper in it, I had to have it. I love how it contrasts with the purple paint color and how it adds a shiny touch to the room (I love shiny things). I have sealed it once already but need to do another and maybe a third too depending. Since its a bathroom I want to do my best to protect it from humid air and water spots.

How to foil your cabinets...

Below are the tools I used for my cabinet refresh.

Gold leaf adhesive, top coat and primer from la gold leaf
Tools for Gold leafing/ foiling

Sealer, topcoat, adhesive and foil are all from LA Gold Leaf. They were extremely helpful when I called and asked for tips and they shipped my order fast.

Safety mask for scents was crucial, this stuff was smelly.

Brushes you don't mind throwing away, the glue won't wash out.

Also a soft bristle brush, which I forgot to buy but luckily had a makeup brush I was willing to part with that did the trick.

Test patch on inside of sink to make sure it works and to get technique

Prime the cabinets-very important with laminate

Add the glue with a brush you don't mind throwing out after.

Put on the foil. Don't worry about it being perfect, it will all blend together nicely.

foil gold leaf on cabinet diy
Foil is on the cabinets, now time to brush the excess away with your soft bristle brush

Next up is sealing the foil leaf. When using faux gold leaf or something like what I am using, you want to seal it as soon as possible so that it doesn't change color with too much air contact. Even just the hour I had mine out it slightly changed. Below is a before and after sealing shot, so you can see the color difference.

LA gold leaf foil diy
Before Sealing- more blue and red

LA gold leaf cabinet gold leaf diy
After Sealing- more green and orange

So that is where I am at! I'd say it has been a very productive week and I really can't wait for all of this to be done so I can just enjoy the space. I am loving all of the other participants designs, check them out! You can find the featured designers here and the guest participants here. Have a great day! - Ginny

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