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ORC week three

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

This week has been all about decisions and placing final orders. In specific my window shade for the bathroom.

I would like to take a moment to thank Spoonflower for sponsoring me with their beautiful fabric, it was a really tough decision choosing from their numerous whimsical patterns.

I narrowed down my favorite fabrics and there are pros to all of them, so I really would love your input on your favorite. My goal with this bathroom revamp is to create a romantic glam escape where my guests can powder their noses. I'm going with deep colors, metallics and vintage pieces that I have been sourcing the last few weeks, which might turn out to be troppo (but it won't be, don't worry 😬). Jjust as a reminder I am using Brinjal from Farrow and Ball:

Farrow and Ball image of their color Brinjal

So here are my favorite fabric options from Spoonflower:

Option one is this beauty, I fell in love right away with the colors and the subtle plaid in the hillside.

Option two is the same pattern in a different less vibrant color way but I love how it would bring out the grey in the vanity countertop. BUT, I love the above colorful one so much so not choosing the more vibrant one would be hard for me.

Option three, I can't resist this whimsical tree scene with houses. The colors speak to me and I can't help but imagine it in my home.

Option four is my safe bet, I adore florals and never get sick of them. The colors would work beautifully with everything else I have going on in the bathroom too.

Seeeee! The options are so good! What is a girl to do!? I have a secret favorite though, can you guess which one it is? Tune in next week to see!

Also on the agenda is finally breaking out my paint brush! I am trying a few new to me things including gold leafing and painting my ceiling. So excited!

Now don't forget to check out the progress of the featured designers and other guest participants!

Thank you for stopping by!


Bonus: Here is one of my favorite finish combos rendered...

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