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Picnic for Three- carrot, halloumi & hummus sandwich

Being home all the time has me coming up with creative ways to have mini adventures that are fun for the whole family. Our favorite thing to do is pack a picnic and get outside. We chat, we eat and overall just have a blast.

On this picnic we stayed close to our house so we were able to take pillows and bigger platters that I'd normally leave at home. We even brought candles for extra festive fun.

I'm a huge sandwich fan and these particular ones were delicious! Just a few ingredients but the flavor pairing was perfection. The ingredients are cooked and then left to room temperature.


Sour dough sliced bread 6 pieces

1 tbs olive oil

4 carrots sliced

halloumi- 1 package

1/2 cup hummus

parsley for garnish


1- Brush olive oil on the bread and brown each side in a pan. They have a crostini type crisp.

2- Brown the carrot slices in a pan until the carrots turn brown and slightly caramelize.

3- Slice the halloumi and fry in a pan with some olive oil until both side are brown.

4- Serve all ingredients on a platter including hummus and parsley.

5- Make your own open faced sandwiches.

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