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Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

You probably know by now that I love Christmas festivities. I can't get enough of the food, music, family time and most of all the decor. Every year I get more and more in to the design elements of the holiday and this year is no exception. So take a walk with me through my Sugar Plum Fairy Forest and see how I added touches here and there to make my home the whimsical space of my dreams.

Christmas tree with tassels, pink books, magic, and citrus slices

I would like to thank the incredible team from Smith Hönig who sponsored me this year and shared their beautiful tassels, velvet pillow, tree skirt, stockings and table runner with me, making my vision come to life.

Ever since I was little, I have been in love with the Nutcracker ballet. The music alone just gets me in the Christmas zone. But the set design with all the snow, pops of color and cozy lights really make my heart sing. My parents used to work at my hometown's art center and every year the ballet would come to town in early November and I would go multiple times. That is how we would kick off the festivities each year.

terrain Christmas tree, gallery wall, scandi boho decor, pink Christmas decor, tassels in tree
Sugar Plum Fairy Forest Christmas Decor

My home has lots of crisp snow white walls that help set the Sugar Plum Fairy Forest alive. I love to add lots of color pops against the neutrals, especially warm tones like red, pink and orange. I bring in color through art, textiles and furniture.

christmas tree, tassels, dried citrus, moss, vibrant colors
Christmas tree with tassels and natural elements

I have a toddler who is very curious about the Christmas tree still so glass ornaments are still a no for us. The tassels from Smith Hönig added such a luxurious touch to my tree, they are so beautiful. I have two types on the tree. A beaded one with a beautiful crystal at the top and two different colored silky ones, pink and burnt red. When I walk by the tree, the tassels gently sway and I like to pretend they are sugar plum fairies dancing for me.

Smith Hong tassels on tree

On the tree I also added some natural elements for a festive pop. I have moss twine on wire along with rainbow moss that I just laid on the branches. Purple flowers are distributed all about and there are little dried flowers (that I found on a wreath) that I have tied to the end of some branches for dimension.

View of the fire with the stockings hanging on branches

One of my favorite elements of this years Christmas decor is the matching tree skirt, stockings and table runners from Smith Hönig. I feel so sophisticated having a coordinating set. The Thread Bare pink fabric is absolutely incredible.

Detail of the Thread Bare fabric from Smith Hönig

Tree skirt in Thread Bare fabric from Smith Hönig

Thread Bare stocking from Smith Hönig

Textiles in general are just such an easy way to add coziness and heart to a space. I have a whole shelf dedicated to folded throw blankets. Definitely a little much but some are for keeping warm and others are strictly just for looking at (meaning no dogs allowed on them).

Fuchsia velvet pillow from Smith Hönig

By now you might know that my favorite thing to do is make tablescapes. Okay, maybe not favorite but its right up there with eating pizza and reading by the fire- I love it! I had the best time creating this years holiday hanging canopy for over the dining room table using the same pieces from the tree with a few additional things like eucalyptus and snowflakes.

floral wall paper, hanging moss, tassels, vibrant colors with white background
Festive canopy over dining room table

Hanging moss over holiday table set up with pink runner and floral wallpaper
Holiday tablescape with Thread Bare pink runner from Smith Hönig

I love adding vintage touches like the glasses, pewter plates and silverware. They add such a warmth to a setting and bring me back to childhood family parties.

Holiday table set up

I had fun with the placement of the silverware and napkins. I love to think out of the box when making tablescapes, I ended up using the Smith Hönig tassels as napkins decorations. I love how the dangle over the edge of the table.

Christmas tree, tables cape, holiday set up, colorful xmas, pink table runner, moss canopy
Full holiday scene

Cheerful holiday table setting with moss, dried citrus, snowflakes, tassels, vintage tableware
Detail of the table setting

I love how the snowflakes and citrus shine through the light!

woman standing next to Christmas tree with dog, terrain tree,
Me by the tree with my puppee

Thank you for stopping by, stay cozy!


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