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Are you ready to see the best Halloween Table Designs? Welcome to the official blog post for #TablescapeSpooktacular ! In case you haven't heard of this yet, it's a Halloween Tablescape Design contest put on by the team at 'Cause We Can Events and me, Ginny from Au Petit Salon Design.

We wanted to get our creative juices flowing again so we decided to have a little fun while staying at home. Get ready to feast your eyes on some INCREDIBLE halloween table designs!

Best Halloween Table Designs of 2020

Here's how this will work. Below you will find all of the Halloween Tablescape design submissions. Each will have the Instagram handle of the designer next to the photo.

To cast your vote, you can:

  1. Comment with your favorite design's Instagram handle on Cause We Can Events blog.

  2. Head over to Cause We Can Events Instagram stories (and highlights) and vote by sending us a DM of your favorite design.

  3. Comment with your favorite design's Instagram handle on Au Petit Salon's blog

  4. Head over to Au Petit Salon's Instagram stories (and highlights) and vote by sending her a DM of your favorite design.

Ready? Here we go for #TablescapeSpooktacular !

Magical Halloween Table Decor by @thriftedsisterevents

Color pops, vintage touches and whimsical spooky elements make this Halloween table as welcoming as can be! Count me in for dinner here!

Design and Specialty Rentals @thriftedsisterevents Floral Design @moonriverfloral

Spooky Backyard Halloween Table Design by @Thepopupbnb

Want to impress your guests this Halloween? Check out this fun witchy backyard dinner set up! Complete with bistro lights and tall candelabras. This tablescape just gives me chills. What if you heard a crunch in the leaves behind you!?

Skulls & Roses Halloween Table Design by @tambramoultrie

I dare you to take a sip of this drink. The spook-factor is high on this tablescape! From bloody cocktails to cauldron bowls, I can feel the chill creeping up my spine. Can you see what that cake topper is? RIP.

Rentals by @LegacyEventRentals

Wine & Skeletons Halloween Table Design by @4_seasons_settings

Up for a wine tasting at this table? There are skeletons in every direction and the touch of sparkle certainly catches our eye. Just look at the wine glasses!

Millennial Witches Table Design by @Rosewaterfloral

Halloween doesn't mean dark and moody. This team brought it to the year 2020 with pops of millennial pink and some trendy ceramic plates. This tablescape is the hippest one with its glass skulls and knotted napkins!

Venue & Specialty Rentals by @Provenancerentals

Table Top Rentals by @Theark_

Spookiest Graveyard Picnic by @Nicoleburbankevents

How about we go on a nice little the local GRAVEYARD! I feel like someone is watching us eat. How this team got the candle sticks to look like that is beyond me but I am digging it (no pun intended)!

Photo by @jennyto_

Apothecary Witchy Halloween Table Design by @Letaverbena

Pick your poison! If I were a witch, this is what my home would look like for sure. Covered in dried flowers and candles all around the house. Can you picture yourself here? Perhaps if you'll stay a while we can do a little magic trick on you. Don't worry it'll only hurt a little.

Florals by @LetaVerbena

Midnight Fog Halloween Table Design by @Lengebretsen.legacy

We can feel the chill in the air! This design is ditching the classic orange of the season. Ready to dine at this metallic silver, black and white table just as the fog creeps in?

Desert Dia de la Muertos Tablescape by@Legacyeventrentals @sarah_pearl

Brining Day of the Dead inspiration to the desert! Fellow adventurers will be ready to celebrate at this table. From colorful florals to sugar skulls, each element within this design draws from the traditional Mexican holiday.

Poisoned Apple Halloween Table Design by@Langfloraldesigns

I dare you to take a bite of that shiny apple. Only one of these is poisoned, so WITCH one do you think it is? This design is so fun for both a Fall and Halloween tablescape don't you think?

Velvet Vintage Halloween Table Design by @kansasgirlvintage

Crushed velvet and dried florals, oh my! This design turns back time with vintage place settings and a centerpiece that seems to grow out of the table itself. Can you spot all of the skeleton creatures hidden within?

Minimalist Halloween Table Design by @jesspancake_

Who says you have to go dark and moody on Halloween? This minimalistic tablescape with crisp white mix-matched seating is a breath of fresh air. Gold detail, candlesticks, and delicate dried florals are a dreamy way to celebrate the season!

Photo by: Katelyn Mallett

Whimsically Spooky Design by @heartandsoulfloral

I want to be whisked away to this magically glam dinner party! Doesn't the table look like its going to float away to another world?

Witchy Boho Halloween Design by @Heartsandhoneydoevents

Does this not remind you of Hocus Pocus for some reason? “I suggest we form a calming circle.” Gather around this table and let's chat about the latest poisons and potions, shall we?

Trick or Treat Halloween Table design by @Featheredarrowevents

Trick or treat? You don't get to decide. Have a seat and you'll find out! That cobweb isn't just here for fun. There's an 8-legged lady who likes to visit her dinner guests from time to time. Beware!

Nautical Nightmare Halloween Design by @Deannanashevents

Could this be a table from a ghost ship? If so, sign me up for dinner with the ghouls! Do you think those scorpions come as the first course or are they for you to eat as an appetizer? Enjoy!

Whimsical Halloween Table Design by @Champagneprojects

Whimsical creatures and fairies of all sorts should be decorating their Halloween table like this! But what's that under the bell jar? Our first course are eyeballs!!

Werewolf Halloween Table Design by @Causewecanevents

A werewolf-inspired halloween dinner party for 6! I hope there's no red meat on the menu though. Light the candles, dim the lights and enjoy this halloween feast tonight!

Photo by@DarcyFerris

Bohemian Witchy Halloween Table Design by @Bohofrisco

I wish all witches were this cool! With cauldrons turned into flower pots, this witch knows how to host a great Halloween dinner. Now, who's to say what kind of potion is in those martini glasses though.

Classy Halloween Table Design by @Bestsypepsii

I would love to be a guest at this Halloween dinner party, wouldn't you? A nice white neutral color palette makes for a classy table design look. If you look closely you can see a skeleton hand making it's way to your dinner plate!

Cozy Halloween Table Design by @Aupetitsalondesign

Halloween doesn't have to be about orange and black. Ginny decorated her Halloween tablescape with a beautiful pink color palette. I love the red candles as they bring a cozy but slightly spooky atmosphere to the dinner table.

Colorful Calavera Night by @Adornbypriscilla

A beautiful and colorful tablescape inspired by Priscilla's Mexican culture. She mixed color and spookiness for a really fun Halloween design!

W-O-W what did you think? How will you ever decide who to vote for? Remember, you can vote up to 4 times for you favorite Halloween table design on this blog post, Gabby's blog post, Gabby's Instagram and Ginny's Instagram.

Voting ends October 4th at 8pm PST. Winner will be announced October 5th at 9am PST!

PRIZE for the winner:

Hope you enjoyed this Halloween contest as much as we did! Tell us if we should do it again next year!

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