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The Hygge Head- ORC Bathroom Reveal

Brinjal by farrow and ball, copper leaf cabinet, vintage moroccan rug, moody bathroom
Cozy bathroom revamp

You've heard of the She Shed, the Man Cave, and now introducing the Hygge Head- where adults can take their coffee, books and devices to get some cozy alone time, even if for 5 minutes. But my advice would be to light a candle and turn on some music because you're going to be a while!

Hygge definition: A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well being.

Head definition: a toilet...derived from where the toilet was usually located on a marine vessel, the head of the ship.

Coffee cup, freestanding toilet paper holder and a plant filled bathroom
Don't forget your coffee!

Both my husband and I work from home and we have a toddler running around the house (minus the two days a week he's at school) so we often find ourselves retreating to the bathroom for much needed alone time. My goal was to make it a welcoming space no matter what activity you are doing in there- I actually feel like taking my lap top in there now and getting a little work done!

side table in bathroom, copper leaf cabinets, vintage pieces for an eclectic look
Table strategically placed for coffee and books

I was about to start painting the walls when it hit me... I realized I wanted to create a textured mural. The problem with this was that I had never done it before and it was going to take me a long time- hence my Sunday last minute post to the One Room Challenge blog. But spoiler alert, it all worked out, thankfully!

purple wall mural with deer and bears, made with drywall putty and paint
Textured wall mural made with drywall putty

metal leaf foil on cabinets
Metal foil on cabinets

The other technique that I decided to experiment with was metal leafing. Initially I was going to use gold leaf to contrast the dark purple paint but when I started looking around I fell in love with this variegated leaf with copper and red/green undertones. Since I was leafing right over my current laminate cupboards I needed a heavy duty primer, then adhesive, then leaf and finally 3 coats of the top coat/sealant. I am thrilled with how it came out.

I was having trouble finding cabinet knobs I liked and was complaining to my mother in law and randomly she miraculously ended up having the perfect pulls! They have a beautiful brass base and a black dangling pull, could't love them more!

Gold leaf bathroom cabinets
Detail of the cabinet finish and knobs

Bathroom with vintage pieces, eclectic vibe, fig plant
Custom roman shade with Spoonflower fabric

Spoonflower generously sponsored me with the fabric for my custom roman shade. I needed a fabric that would help tie in the stark white of the toilet and existing grey countertops all while adding fun and whimsy to the space. I was blown away with all the options they had for me to choose from but I ended up going with Scotland Plaid in the color Wine. The fabric is a lightweight cotton twill and I love the texture. It really makes the space feel finished in an elegant way.

Bird glass film on shower door
Glass film on existing shower

I added shower glass film to my existing shower for privacy and (lets be real) laziness to help hide my hard water stains. Up until yesterday (when an instagram friend mentioned it) I didn't know of a product called sos pads that apparently get rid of them without giving you a back ache from scrubbing....but its to late now, the birdies are here to stay!

Moroccan rug, copper bathroom cabinets, brinjal by farrow and ball, cozy bathroom
Full view of bathroom

I love to add vintage elements to every space I create. I am obsessed with online resources like Facebook market place where I find unique pieces like the donkey and arched leaning mirror. My mother in law painted the leaning art up high on the ledge and the table is from a family friend.

June and blue rug, brinjal by farrow and ball
Arial shot of the space

The gorgeous vintage rug is from the spectacular Becca from June and Blue. I have been ogling her collection of Moroccan rugs and other goodies forever and when I decided to jump in to the One Room Challenge I knew I had to incorporate one of her pieces in to my design. This rug fits the space so perfectly and you can guarantee I'll be cozying up with a book on it very soon (while hiding from reality in my Hygge Head).

Soap dish I found thrifting

Rug detail

Eclectic bathroom full of whimsical details
Leaning ladder for plants, books, tassels and of course towels too

The pink and brass tassels from Smith Hönig add such a luxurious touch to my leaning ladder for towels. It's also the perfect spot to keep your book, ready fro your next Hygge Head visit. I love collecting vintage towels too, the quality is unbeatable, and I love how they look when mismatched.

Long stem matches are a lovely touch for you and your guests

Brinjal by Farrow and Ball

Brinjal by Farrow and Ball

The jumping off point for this whole design was the color Brinjal by Farrow and Ball. I had been in love with it for years and had never found the right spot for it UNTIL now! I love the variation, it goes from purple to black to red to blue. So rich and delicious!

Caught me!

That about sums everything up! This whole process has brought me back to me days as a student, not much has changed. I stress myself out adding and changing things right to the very last minute but when push comes to shove I get it done. Now I am off to go feast my eyes on all the featured designers and other guest participants designs. I wonder if I am the last person to like up to the One Room Challenge blog, that would be amazing!

A huge thank you to the ORC team and Better Homes and Gardens who without this motivation, I would likely not be sitting in my cozy Hygge Head.

Let's have one more look at where we started:

And now to finish on a high note:

Cozy bathroom view from the hall, purple wall with copper accent
Peek in to the Hygge Head

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