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Things I Look for at the Thrift Store

Floral wallpaper with vintage glass and bowl. Organic bouquet in the background with a summer hat and flip flops
Red cup from a thrift store in Maine (set of 8 for $16)

Layered gallery wall with gold touches and messy bed
Vase on left from Greenwich CT thrift store ($3 and worth well over $200)

I wanted to pass on my go to thrift tips and what I look out for when out in the wild. There really isn't any rule when thrifting, but if I had to give just one it would be to pick the item up right away. I once left a vase that I loved on the shelf and went back for it after doing a tour of the store and it had been snagged up by someone. I was devastated. So do yourself a favor and get that cart right away and fill it up, then put stuff back at the end.

The first area I head to is the glassware section. I am always looking for beautiful colored glasses and vases. Lately I've been finding gorgeous made in France pink wine goblets. If I only have 30 seconds to pop in, this is where I go.

Kitchen sink with window as a backsplash. Summer day with trees in the background.
Pink made in France wine glasses ($2 each). Also pictured a lamp and painting from an estate sale.

Green trees outside windows, pink rug, gold furniture
Gold and pink colors are my thrifting go to. Pictured is my gold chest ($20)

Next up is color theme. I have two favorite colors I like to look out for at the shops, pink and gold. If I see a pink vase, it's pretty hard for me to leave it behind. Same with gold furniture pieces. Funny story, the pictured gold trunk was screaming at me from the minute I walked in the store and so I made a beeline straight for it, picked it up and carried it to the front of the store. I hear an elderly man who witnessed this swift maneuver say to me, "oh my, you're a brute". I laugh and agree and carry my literal treasure chest out of the store and google what I already know:

Brute definition:

1. a savage violent person or animal.

2. an animal as opposed to a human being.

Great, thanks sir. But you know what, I am strong and I know what I want and in that moment it was this gorgeous gold chest.

Wood table flat lay with brunch set up. Flowers and fresh fruit with waffles and beignets
Wicker basket with tassels ($4), red glasses ($16 for 8), Blueberry bowl ($6)

Hayloft window open with wood floors and plants. Snow on the ground outdoors
Pink tree branch planter ($4 at an Ottawa shop)

Next up, I love to look for things that are great for styling. Since I do so much on Insta, I like to have things that are unique that I can add to a shot. I love the tassel basket above, I use it often to add a flare when needed. To the right is a pink tree branch flower pot that I move around the house for styled shots too. I find it so therapeutic to find the balance in the shots when styling and I look at my whole feed as a color story too. Pieces like this add a cohesive flow.

Loft bedroom with layered gallery wall and life size rattan motorcycle
Life size wicker motorcycle ($350 fb marketplace)

pink and gold room with sun streaming in.
Gold mermaid tables ($300 for the pair) , rug ($200), painting ($50), golden chair ($100)

The final thought I have regarding second hand treasures is, think outside the box. I have become a huge fan of Facebook marketplace and have found some serious treasures. The above wicker/rattan life size motorcycle for one. It was a practical steal at $350, others that are identical have sold for $2500. Not that I'll ever be selling my pretty, but it's nice to know that I could if I needed to.

The mermaid tables to the right were also from fb, along with the gold framed painting, rug, and golden chair.

Gallery wall with The Frame tv. Pink sofa with red stripped rug.
Thrifted art, mermaid tables and lamp

To sum up, look for things you love, specifically key colors. It will create a harmonious vibe with the rest of your home decor. Feel free to look up that artists signature on the bottom of the vase- see what its worth. But don't let that stop you from buying something you love, there is zero information on these mermaid tables yet I knew I loved them and was willing to shell out the $300 for the pair.

I'd love to hear what your thrift store go to's are. Or any sweet deals you scored.

One more quick tidbit, I love looking for the free stuff on fb marketplace. Thats where the above red stripped rug came from and I love it. Happy thrifting, my friend!

Globe light glowing with living room in background
FB marketplace finds: rug, mermaid tables, art, gold chair

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