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Upstate NY Problem Week | ORC | Week 3

Yup, you read that title right. It's the inevitable week in the renovation process where we are wrapping things up and little "problems" are popping up.

We started the renovation in January and before we finally move on to the styling of the rooms (which I can NOT WAIT for) we need to get all the plumbing, painting and floors done. Our contractor is amazing, if you need a Hudson Valley contractor I have the guy for you, just let me know. He has made this whole process so smooth, he turned our kitchen from this to this!

Any problems were simply brought on by me and my goal to use mostly second hand pieces. Now before I get into all the details I just have to say that 85% of my second hand goods have worked out better than I imagined. I am so happy with how it has turned out.

Problem One: The Bathroom Sink Faucet

We bought the sink on FBMP from this sweet couple in CT who never installed it and bought it from the Klaffs showroom... so how were they supposed to know that the faucet was LEAKING ! It's okay, we still have the stunning vanity with the storage drawers and the wide sink, which I really wanted. So off Matt ran to Home Depot and bought this faucet. It will work so well with the light fixture, I am pumped.

Problem Two: The Vintage Stove

Ugh, this one hurt. I spent hours and hours looking for an electric vintage stove that was clean and worked! This beauty finally popped up on my radar and it was pristine! Anyway, I am tearing up writing about it so I'm not going to dwell, but it required 100 amps and I only had 50 available in the wiring, and I did not want to hire an electrician to update it, we had just finished painting the new drywall and I couldn't bring myself to open up the walls. SO my vintage beauty had to go, she will be missed dearly. We found a new stove available for delivery the next day that was 40 amps and so there the story goes. Here is our new stove that is cute in their own little way:

Problem Three: The Floor Tile

This was not so much a problem because I love the solution...but it cost more money. I had planned on using the same tile for the kitchen, laundry room, living room fireplace floor and bathroom BUT when it came time to decide how to lay the tile I wanted a herringbone pattern in the kitchen which takes up more tile. So I had to order more and the tile was back ordered so I had to find a new one. I ended up using this cute hex tile which worked so much better in the tiny bathroom and laundry room.

Problem Four: The Undercounter U Line Fridge

Plain and simple, it doesn't work. So bummed and confused about this one. The person I bought it from said it was working, so I have to believe it was when she last used it but she was in the middle of a renovation and the fridge was stored in her garage. Then it was stored in my garage. Then it was plugged in and somewhere along the line it broke, it probably was me bonking it or it was just out of time, whatever it was its gonzo.

Problem Five: The Bathroom Fan

The fan I bought was dangly and beautiful but the problem is that our ceiling ended up being lower than I anticipated so bye bye pretty fan. We ended up just putting in a pot light because we needed a light on that side of the bathroom, it's near the toilet, and I couldn't for the life of me find a self venting fan with a light. Luckily there is a window right there so until I find the right fan, the window will have to do.

And that is it! Really not bad for a whole apartment renovation! Guys, I am so excited! We are finally ready to start doing the pretty touches and I can't wait!

Last we checked in on the kitchen, it had drywall! Now check it has floors and THE SINK IS IN! I will definitely go in for more detailed pictures but I'll save that for a future post because I am a tease and I want to get a few things together before revealing the whole space. But isn't it beautiful!

Thank you to the One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy for hosting! Be sure to check out the other guest participants!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have a beautiful week!


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