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Whimsical Vintage Tree

Welcome to the My Home Style Blog Hop where a bunch of my fellow talented bloggers and I are decking the halls and sharing our Christmas Trees! To start at the beginning of the hop head over to the hosts page, Casa Watkins Living and see her Botanical Christmas Tree.

My tree has a theme this year, which I have to admit is the first year I have done one. I usually just put on my special decorations from my childhood with a bunch of twinkly white lights and call it a day ( I will still be putting that tree up after is our family tree that Santa visits).

The theme I have decided to go with echos my home vibe perfectly. I have filled my tree with vintage velvet fruit, tassels, warm toned ornaments and the pièce de ré colored ball string lights.

The tree itself (a noble fir) always gets a lot of love, it is my favorite shape and the color looks so real and beautiful! I first saw it years ago on Instagram and I fell in love right away. You can head to my Instagram to see a video tour of the whole area on my IGTV.

My favorite part of the tree has to be the vintage velvet fruit I found at the thrift store last January. They are made of luxurious fabric and have a beautiful patina to them that only comes with decades of Christmases love. The peaches are my favorite with their ombré pinkish velvet but I love the rest too (red apples, yellow pears, oranges, and green apples).

The color scheme I decided to go with was deep warm tones. I have orange, fuchsia, and burgundy shatterproof (fancy word for plastic) baubles. When the pink colored lights are off, they blend in with the baubles beautifully, I can't stress enough how much I love these lights. They are so warm when lit (while remaining cool to the touch because they are LED). I also got some red and pink glittery snowflakes to add some sparkle.

Since Santa doesn't visit this tree, I loaded up the underside with pillows so my son can lounge there and look up at the tree. I have such fond memories of doing that as a little girl, listening to the Bells Of Dublin (the best Christmas album) and pretending I was invisible. I used to lay under tables all the time, my favorite was under pool tables where I listened to the loud balls rolling through the tables interior channels.

I love adding whimsical touches that have movement and depth. On the tips of my tree I have taken apart two wreaths and wrapped the individual strands around the branches so the appear like they are floating up to the sky. Over the years I have been collecting tassels to add to my tree. I love the curtain rope tassels because they act as a garland and help hide string light cords. I find my tassels at vintage shops and the pink ones are silk from Smith Hönig.

The last addition I made to the tree was the natural elements- my signature "go to". In every room that I design I include some sort of nature inspired piece, whether it is a plant or even a fabric with florals on it. In this case I went with pine cones which I have buried deep in the tree for a visual surprise and to also hide some of the bones of the tree (the wires that connect the branches to the base).

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about my Christmas tree, I certainly loved putting it together this year. Now hop on over to the next participant in the blog hop, Whispering Pines Homestead and also don't forget to check out the rest of the incredible trees! Here is the full list of participants:






Thanks for stopping by! - Ginny

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Kristy Falcone Reiley
Kristy Falcone Reiley
03 Νοε 2023

What did you use for the tree topper?!

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Congratulations, I'm obsessed with you. :} Seriously ADORE all these fun colorful touches!

Μου αρέσει

It's such a beautiful tree Ginny! I love the warm tones and all of the elements.

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