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Winter Eclectic Home Tour

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Interior Christmas jungle with weeping above head centerpiece.

front entry with fern and nordic pine

Thank you for stopping by and a big you to Jess from Domocile 37 for hosting this blog hop, I'm thrilled to be participating.

My Christmas vibe this year is whimsically eclectic enchanted forest (that's a mouthful). I basically wanted to feel like I was living outside in a wonderland. I have so much pine clippings everywhere, seriously every surface is sticky and I can barely turn the pages of my Anthro xmas catalog (Christmas Vacation reference). But it smells sooooo good! When we bought our tree this year I asked for any extra tree trimmings they had laying around and they gave them to me for free...such a score. I ended up using them everywhere.

Christmas tree in loft home with gallery wall

A second decor element that I highlighted this year was my pink pops. It's my first year embracing my red/pink/orange love fest and I think it lends itself nicely to the xmas season. Combined with all the greenery the pink looks fab.

fireplace mantle with thick garland and floral arrangement

Florals are a huge part of the season for me. When guests sleep over I like them to have a little bouquet on their bedside table for their eyes and nose to feast on. I tend to go heavy on the greenery in those too. This year obviously it was all about the pink flowers.

On the mantle I ended up using the tree trimmings (surprise surprise) with string lights and ornaments. I tucked in some boxwood cuttings too to add a different shade of green. In the future I'd love to have the branches dangle down over the brick but I have a toddler that loves to destroy anything.

Advent calendar with notes and oranges next to a pink sofa

Speaking of that baby, this is the first year he's going to have an advent calendar. So excited to fill it up with little treasures. I have a 25 slot shelfie that for the eleven other months of the year sits behind my tv (to bounce sound around the room better) but now it's time to shine. I fill each day up with an orange or other treats to eat and an ornament to put on the tree that day. Some of the days have special prompt cards with family activities for us to do. Things like 'bake cookies' or 'go to the nursery and find a special ornament for the tree'. My favorite from last year was by far 'order take out for lunch'. Such a treat!

The ornaments on our tree have no theme, just ones that we picked out over the years. I also have ornaments from my grandmother that are so old and beautiful, you can tell they are super vintage. There was period of 4 years where we thought they were lost in a move but they were miraculously found in my parents basement. We also have to keep the lower half of the tree shatter free since my son is still very handsy. Which definitely effects the overall look, but I love it. It's my favorite tree to date! My whimsical wonderful tree.

That's it for now! Head on over to the other wonderful blog posts for some major Christmas inspo. Find them right below!

Bonus zone: here are a few pics of my upstairs tree but more on that next week...

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Aug 20, 2019

Thank you Jess and Kathy! I just figured out how to log in and reply to comments. Better late than never, lol!


Just stunning! What a fantastic idea to ask for extra tree clippings. Looking forward to seeing more of the upstairs tree!


I think you broke instagram when you shared your space! It was so unexpected and absolutely stunning! Thank you so much participating and Merry Christmas friend!

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